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Frequently Asked


At Paramount Tattoo Removal we strive for the best results with the least amount of treatments. With that said, we emphasise on patience and realistic expectations to achieve the best possible outcome. Treatment amount can be extremely hard to estimate as there are so many variating factors to consider. Your skin type, ink types applied, ink amount, your immune system and the age of the tattoo are just few of the factors that play a significant role in the process. Generally for a complete removal clients should expect somewhere between 6-10 treatments. If after a few treatments we foresee that a complete removal is less than likely we notify our clients and discuss other alternatives i.e. cover-up options. 


Cover-ups are extremely popular and is a quicker and less complicated pathway. Generally to lighten a tattoo enough to commence a cover-up clients should expect around 2-3 treatments. Sometimes as little as 1 treatment will be enough to start the cover-up process.


The minimum wait between treatments is 6 weeks to allow the skin to heal sufficiently. If our clients are wanting a complete removal we encourage waiting a little longer, generally minimum 8 weeks between each session. 


Treatments are extremely quick. A small palm sized tattoo will not take any longer than 1-2 minutes. Larger tattoos like chest pieces and sleeves can take up to 15-20 minutes, depending on the detail of the tattoo and the amount of different inks to cover.


Laser tattoo removal is quite a safe procedure. The most common complications that occur is blistering, swelling, hyper/hypo-pigmentation and scarring. A combination of a knowledgable clinician, correct equipment and adhering to the aftercare instructions will potentially eliminate any chance of scarring or hyper/hypo-pigmentation. Blistering and swelling is unfortunately a part of the treatment process and is signifying your body healing. These reactions can also be minimised by following the aftercare instructions. Compression and post-treatment cooling are big factors within aftercare.


Pain is perceived very differently between each individual, but generally speaking tattoo removal is quite painful. We use a high pressure cooling machine which blows cold air up to -30 degrees celsius onto your skin. This is quite an effective tool for pain management. However, if our clients are having a larger surface area treated we recommend the application of a topical numbing cream. It is a good idea having a chat with your GP or local pharmacy regarding which product might be right for you. 


Blistering and swelling are inevitable aspects of laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal should be treated as a serious procedure and adequate rest and caution should be adhered to post treatment. Specific instructions will be given by the clinician along with a carefully structured aftercare form. It is important that these instructions are followed very closely to ensure the best outcome for yourself. In case of any immediate concerns please email info@paramounttattooremoval.com or call 02 93412527. In case of an emergency please refer to your local hospital or call 000.


We do not take deposits for bookings or consults. However for all cancellations we ask to please give at least 24 hrs notice. In failure of doing so you may be subject to a $50 security deposit before booking in again.